Our story

Our Northern Finnish production company has its roots in our genuine love for movies.

Mutant Koala Pictures was founded back in 2011 as a group of young aspiring movie makers got to work on their “Dr. Professor’s Thesis of Evil” short film. This original and highly unusual movie project was a catalyst for many of today’s industry professionals, but it still acts as a reminder of the way we do things at Mutant Koala: with a sense of humour, high technical skill and focus on stories with international potential.

In 2018 we released our first feature film “Heavy Trip”, that premiered at the prestigious SXSW festival to a great reception. This movie is the perfect example of what we at Mutant Koala want to create and support. Those things being true ambition and eccentric genre movie productions all the way from initial scripting to post-production and VFX work. Humanity, professionalism and warmth are always at the very core of all our productions. We want to be a known as a team that’s honestly fun to work with.

Curiosity and ambition have brought us this far, and those factors will without a doubt take us even further beyond the foreseeable horizon — no matter if we’re dealing with a movie, series, music video or something that hasn’t even been invented yet.

So, join us! It’s time to make something unforgettable.