Dr. Professor’s Thesis of Evil

Short film (2011)

A satirical film about Dr Professor, the worlds most celebrated super criminal who has lost his passion to do evil things. Dr Professor comes to realise that he has become a prisoner of the media circus and his idol status. He decides to take his fate back in his own hands. The film’s world is populated by superheroes, gigantic mutant koalas and death rays.

This film, based on the Motion Novel animation technique, combines photographs, 3D computer graphics and animation.

Written by: Jukka Vidgren, Juuso Laatio
Directors: Jukka Vidgren
Visual artists: Petteri Stavén, Juuso Laatio, Ville Vanninen, Thomas Lepeska, Sami Mustonen, Jani Löthman, Kim Haataja, Mikko Jylhä, Jussi Finnilä
Producer: Jukka Vidgren
Lead role: Brad Cartner

2011 Honorary Award to the Motion Novel animation technique, One hundred acts from Oulu, Finland
2011 candidate, LA Shorts International Film Festival, USA